The Shop This Week

I flew back from Calgary overnight and arrived at St. John's International at 1pm on Monday. The week had been spent away from the shop, which gave me time to reflect and plan. That kind of time, necessary time, seems less and less available to me. But it is necessary indeed in order to make good decisions about yourself and where you want your work to go.

I came back from Calgary with new ideas for pieces, a new vision for this website and social media, and renewed enthusiasm for the simple pleasures of working wood. It's easy to lose track of these things when you have orders to fill, lumber to pick up and a dog to walk. But I am thankful I have work to do, and people to do work for. 

So, this week I spent some time updating the website, adding new sections and beginning to fill those sections with new products. You'll find new serving boards and a butcher block in the kitchen page. I'm working on some furniture pieces, as well, that will be made to ship easily for your convenience. And, as always, I'm working on new flag pieces and other home decor items for that page. 

As well, I put the last coat of finished on the cherry shelf this week. This was a fun experiment of a piece, using an open flame to char the wood and coating it with oil for a smooth black finish. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I'll be using this technique again in future work. 

This shelf is for sale. Please contact me at, or with the form at the end of this blog post, for more information.

There was more work this week, too. Work that I did not document with pictures. Staying on top of orders, contacting new clients, and the never ending keeping up of the shop itself. It really never ends. But reflecting on it, I do enjoy it. 


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