Top 3 Sources for Motivation While Starting a Business (or Anything Else)

It wasn't an easy decision to quit my job. I was going from a guaranteed paycheque every week to the uncertainty of self-proprietorship, with no website, business plan, or financing prepared. It wasn't the smoothest start, and I had to learn it all as I went. 

I was anxious. Had I made the wrong decision?

I still have those doubts. I'm still very much in startup mode, fighting hard to get customers and keep them happy while I expand my line of products and services and pay for new equipment (and my rent, and my car, and my groceries...). It's not easy, and I spend every day hyper-alert like a warrior looking out for threats and possible advantages. 

When I feel the stress coming on, or if I notice that I'm letting my discipline slip a little too much, there are 3 resources in particular that I turn to. Without these aids, I don't know if I would have had the courage to step outside of the easy 9 to 5 into this chaotic world of entrepreneurship. 

1. Patrick Bet-David/Valuetainment 

Patrick Bet-David and, in particular, his YouTube videos, are the newest resources I've come across. That said, what he's putting out is quickly becoming my number one page to turn to when I'm in a funk or if I'm just looking for some well prepared videos on business and the entrepreneurial experience. 

His background is obviously in the finance world, but a lot of what he says applies to business pursuits in general, and his videos are way above average in delivery and editing. 

2. Elliott Hulse

Elliott's methods and language are a little more crude, and some of his sales tactics come off as a little sketchy, but it's hard to beat this guy if you're looking for pure motivation to work toward your dreams. 

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim's podcasts are easily some of the most interesting and informative available. He specializes in in depth interviews with world class performers across a wide variety of disciplines. There is not one single interview that hasn't left me with some piece of wisdom to carry with me. Even if you have no interest in business, and have no need for motivational help, the Tim Ferriss Show is informational entertainment at its best. 

These three resources have buoyed me through my beginning a business. There are many other YouTube channels, podcasts, books and people who have helped me, and maybe I'll make another post covering some of those later on. 

I hope you get something out of this post. If there are any resources you'd like to share, leave them in the comments!