Should we change the City of St. John's flag?

First, I want you to watch this TED Talk from Roman Mars:

As you watch this, you might realize, as I did, that you're not familiar with your city's flag. I live in St. John's, and I don't know if I've ever seen it flown. I wouldn't even be able to tell you if it flies over city hall.

If you don’t see your city flag... maybe it doesn’t exist. But maybe it does and it just sucks, and I dare you to join the effort to try and change that.
— Roman Mars

Here's what it looks like:

Pretty lame. 

As you can see, this flag is simply the city's crest on a white background... which, if you watched the video, you know violates the rules of good flag design - and good design in general. 

One thing that Roman said really stood out to me: the positive feedback loop of civic pride and good flag design. Like Amsterdam, with its "badass" flag. 

Pretty nice.

As we move more and more into cities, a city flag will become not just a symbol of that city as a place, but also, it could become, a symbol of how that city considers design itself... how a city considers all of its design systems - its public transit, its parks, its signage.
— Roman Mars

Looking at other flags of municipalities in Newfoundland, it seems most choose to stick their crest on a background and call it a flag. They are the S.O.B.'s that Roman mentioned in his video: Seals On a Bedsheet. Can anything be done to remedy this? Is redesigning the flag of the city of St. John's a possibility? 

I think the first step would be to get those in city hall to watch that TED talk.

Often when city leaders say “We have more important things to do than worry about a city flag,” my response is “If you had a great city flag, you would have a banner for people to rally under to face those more important things.
— Ted Kaye

Do you think your city's or town's flag needs a facelift? What would it look like if you had the power the design it?

I have the urge to start designing a new flag, myself!